Download Admin 2020 Free: Dashboard Theme

We deal in this article with the link to download Admin 2020 free for WordPress. The download Admin 2020 free link is provided for WP users to help them modify the appearance of the admin’s dashboard on the website.

Download Admin 2020 Free
Download Admin 2020 Free

The article is also enriched with the information related to features as well as characteristics, free demo of theme and download links of Admin 2020 theme. The Admin 2020 is a WordPress theme is a very interesting theme for WP user clients.

Download Admin 2020 Free

We have provided the Admin 2020 download link in this section. The download file of Admin 2020 is available for free to download and install it on the website. The download is ready just click the link below to get the theme.

Download Link

Along with the free download link we have also provided the installation procedure guidelines to the users to install and activate the theme on their website without any difficulty.

What is the Admin 2020 Theme?

Admin 2020 Logo
Admin 2020 Logo

Admin 2020 Theme is an advance WordPress admin’s dashboard theme. This theme helps the user to modify the appearance of the admin’s dashboard of the website.

Features of Admin 2020 Theme

With the help of the features, the readers on this website will learn in detail about the functions and characteristics of the theme and how it will work on the website.

Read the features of Admin 2020 theme carefully that are listed below as follows:

It provides Modern dashboard synced with Google Analytics.

Admin 2020 provides a modern dashboard for admin along with Google Analytic’s analytical reports with is filters.

The theme provides a quick and 50% faster media library.

The theme is equipped with night mode/ dark mode as well.

The theme also provides the google analytics stats directly on the dashboard.

Admin 2020 enables the user to add their own CSS and Javascript.

Free Demo of Admin 2020 Theme

With the demo of Admin 2020, the user as well as the readers will get the glimpse of how the theme will work on the website. The free demo link is provided below just click the link and proceed towards the free demo now.

Free Demo of Admin 2020 Theme

Demo Link

By visiting the free demo of Admin 2020 theme the user clients will understand how the theme will appear on the screen as well as how it will work on the website. With the free demo, it will be easier to use the theme in the desired manner.

Guidelines For Installation

This section deals with the installation process of the Admin 2020 theme. Therefore read the guidelines very carefully to download and install the theme on your website.

Download the Admin 2020 theme from the link provided above.

The download file is in compressed format, decompress it using WinRAR software.

After extracting the file, log in to the admin’s dashboard.

Then go to the themes section, then click on the “Upload” button.

Here select the extracted file of the Admin 2020 and upload it.

After uploading the file successfully click on the “Activate” button.

Now the Admin 2020 theme will become active.

Enjoy the new dashboard panel of your website.


With the link to download Admin 2020 free, we have also provided vital information related to the theme to help the users, as well as readers, understand the theme carefully. The free download link is also provided for the users.

This article has dealt in detail with the features, free demo and installation process of the download admin 2020 theme for WordPress user clients. The article has discussed in detail features as well as the installation procedure.

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