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Download FileBase Free: Media Plugin

This article will highlight the details that are necessary for the information related to the download FileBase free link. With the link to download FileBase free for WordPress get also the information related to the features, installation process and free demo as well.

Download FileBase Free

With the advent of cloud storage, it has become easier to store files and documents online without any difficulty. The cloud storage provides security as well as remote access to the saved file. FileBase is a plugin which fulfils this purpose for WordPress user clients.

Download FileBase Free

We provide the WP user client to download FileBase free for WordPress website. The plugin is provided to help the WP users to store their files and documents on cloud storage. Click the link to download the FileBase for the website.

Download Link

The link to download FileBase free is available above just click on the link to get the download now for the WordPress site. The plugin is free to download and the installation steps are provided below.

What is FileBase Plugin?

FileBase Logo

FileBase plugin is a WordPress library and media management plugin. The plugin provides access to the cloud storage facility to help the user clients upload and save a file or document on the cloud storage.

Features of FileBase Plugin

This section specifically deals with features available on FileBase. The plugin’s features are essential to understand what functions can be performed with the plugin on the WordPress site.

With features will learn more about the FileBase plugin in detail. The list of features is provided below:

This plugin helps to organise files and documents.

Drag and Drop features help the user to upload the file easily.

It is user-friendly and easy to use.

Resizeable sidebars help the user increase or decrease the size of the sidebars.

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, Elementor, WP Bakery, WPML, etc.

It is a translation-ready plugin.

Free Demo of FileBase Plugin

The free demo is helpful to make you understand how the plugin will work on the website. The Filebase’s free demo is provided for the WordPress users to help them understand about it.

Demo Link

The free demo link is available for everyone to understand the need for WP user clients. Get the free demo by clicking the link provided above get the experience of the functions of the plugin.

Steps To Install FileBase

Here we will discuss the installation steps to help the user clients to install the plugin on the website. The steps are very simple and easy to understand and follow.

The steps to install FileBase plugin are as follows:

Download the plugin’s file from the download link provided above.

Then extract the folder using the WinRAR application.

After extracting the plugin, go to the website’s admin dashboard.

Log in to the admin’s dashboard and go to the”Plugins” option.

Now click on the “Upload” button and upload the extracted file of the plugin.

Then click on the “Activate” button to activate the plugin on the website.


The FileBase plugin is one of the best WP plugins for WP hosted sites. The plugin is free to download for the WP user clients. We have elaborated the plugin in detail in this article for our readers to understand how the FileBase functions on a website.

We have also elaborated details related to the features and functions along with the free demo to provide a glimpse of the plugin. The free demo is available above in the article for the user clients of WP.

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