FileBird Free Download: Media Plugin

The FileBird free download provides the solution to connect the user clients to multiple cloud storage platform and store the files and documents online. The FileBird free download is simple and easy to use for WP users.

FileBird Free Download
FileBird Free Download

With the FileBird free download, we have also provided other vital information related to the plugin such as features, installation guidelines along with the free demo link as well.

FileBird Free Download

Here in this section, we have provided the FileBird free download link for WordPress user clients. The plugin is provided to the WordPress user clients to help them store files and documents on cloud storage.

Download Link

The download file of FileBired free download is provided in the compressed format, extract the plugin’s compressed folder first before installing and activating the plugin on the website. Also, read the process of installing the process of FileBird.

What is FileBird Plugin?

FileBird Logo
FileBird Logo

FileBird Plugin is a WordPress media library management plugin. FileBird helps user clients to store files, images and documents on the online. FileBird also helps the user client to connect Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Features of FileBird Plugin

Here we have provided the details about the features and functions of the FileBird plugin. The features of the plugin are vital to understanding the function of the plugin on a website. Features are the highlighting points which tell us more about the function that can be performed by the FileBird.

WE have listed the features one by one below to help our reader understand and learn more about the plugin. The list is as follows:

It provides a drag and drop interface.

FileBird is a translation-ready plugin for WP users.

The plugin also provides assistive SEO.

The plugin also provides CMS optimisation.

FileBird is compatible with Elementor, WPML, WooCommerce, etc.

Provides the ability to delete the folders as well.

Free Demo of FileBird

With the free demo, it is easy to understand the plugin’s function which can be performed on the website. The free demo is necessary to help the user clients to understand the function of the plugin.

Demo Link

FileBird’s free demo link is provided above, just click the link to proceed to the free demo of WordPress user clients. With a demo, it is easy to understand in detail the functions as well as the method to use FileBird plugin.

Process of Installing FileBird

In this section, we have dealt with the process to install the FileBird on WordPress site. Read the installation process clearly mentioned below to install and activate the FileBird on website.

The process of installation is as follows:

Download the file of the FileBird from the link provided above.

Then use a file compression software to decompress the download file.

Now log in to the website’s admin dashboard.

Then proceed to the “Plugin” option to add FileBird.

Click the “Upload” button and select the extracted folder of FileBird.

After the uploading is completed click on the “Activate” button.

Now the FileBird is active on the website.


With the advent of cloud storage, it is becoming easier to save the files, images and documents online with safety as well. The FileBird is a plugin for WP users which enables them to upload and store the files, images and documents on the cloud storage.

Along with the necessary details of the FileBird, we have also elaborated the information related to the features and installation process. We have also rendered the demo to help users gain experience to use the plugin.

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