Google Analytics Free Download Full Version: Free Analytics Plugin

Here Google Analytics free download is available for you. Get know more about the google analytics free download and also learn why it is important.

Google Analytics Free Download: Best Analytics Plugin

google analytics free download
Google Analytics Free Download

Google Analytics free download is a web analytics service that is offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google Analytics free download has a unique feature called Trending Content. Google Analytics free download learns about website traffic patterns and shows a list of content that is performing significantly better than average so that the admin knows what resonates with the audience the most. admin can even sign up to receive alerts via email or Slack when content is taking off.

Google Analytics Free Download

Here you can get a google analytics free download to analyse the trends in web traffic. Google Analytics free download will help you to create content on the basis of the demands of internet users.

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Google Analytics free download is the best way to add the GA tracking code to your website without modifying any files. Just log in with Google right from the WordPress admin dashboard and choose which website is to be linked. In addition, users can disable GA tracking of specific users, so that when the user is browsing their own site it won’t affect your analytics.

Analytics is important for every business because it helps in making good decisions. Anyone trying to bring any significant improvement in the business or any other organisation, then analytics is your best thing to bring about an informed transformation.

google analytics free download
Get Google Analytics Free Download

Analytics helps to quantify the effects of making a change to the marketing or business strategy, and that’s invaluable to the process of improving and optimizing online marketing campaigns. The biggest benefit of utilizing proper analytics is being able to identify strengths and weaknesses.

google analytics free download
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With Google Analytics free download user will be able to see Google Analytics reports in the same interface already use every day to write and manage posts – in the WordPress dashboard. Now can stay informed on how your website is doing without having to log into a separate tool.

One more thing – unlike other plugins, Google Analytics for WordPress has no monthly fees, and no paid upgrades. All the features are totally free.

Features of Google Analytics

Traffic sources – Shows the top 5 traffic sources so know where the visitors are coming from.

Track real visitors only – Allows you to disable tracking for any role like Admins, or Editors so your analytics represent real visitors.

Account linking – no requirement to copy and paste any code or know the GA ID, just log in with Google, select the required website and it will automatically include the appropriate code.

Visitor trends show the summary dashboard with page views, users, pages per session and bounce rate for the past 7 days as compared to the previous 7 days

How to Install Google Analytics

google analytics free download
Installation: Google Analytics Free Download

Download the “wk-google-analytics-free-download” RAR file.

Extract the “wk-google-analytics-free-download” RAR file.

Upload the plugin using FTP software files to the `/wp-content/plugins/directory.

Activate the Google Analytics plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Go to the Settings and then to Google Analytics screen to configure the plugin.


Google launched Google Analytics service in November 2005 after it acquired Urchin.

In 2019, Google Analytics was considered the most widely used web analytics service on the web. Google Analytics provides an SDK that allows gathering usage data from iOS and Android app, known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. Google Analytics can be blocked by browsers, browser extensions, and firewalls.

Google Analytics launched Real-Time Analytics on 29th September 2019 enabling users to get an insight into visitors currently on the site.

Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics service. Pingdom released in May 2008, a survey stating that 161 out of 500 i.e., 32% biggest sites globally according to their Alexa rank were using Google Analytics.

Another market share analysis claimed that Google Analytics was used by approximately 49.95% of the top 1,000,000 websites which was ranked in 2010 by Alexa Internet.

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