iPages Flipbook Download Free: WP Media Plugin

Many websites provide certain media files such as audio, video, books, etc. But to view and maintain these file every website needs a fast and simple tool for their website. Therefore, we have provided iPages Flipbook for the WP clients.

iPages Extension For WordPress
iPages Extension For WordPress

This WordPress extension is essentials for that website that are dealing with online books etc. This plugin has many unique features for its clients which have discussed in this article.

iPages Flipbook Download Free

Get the plugin for free from the download link provided to provide the visitor on the website with a flipbook to read the content of files. The file of the plugin is compressed format. Therefore, decompress it before employing it.

Download Link

Apart from the download of the extension, we have also provided the details related to the installation process and other useful information about the plugin.

What is the iPage Flipbook for WordPress?

iPages Flipbook for WordPress
iPages Flipbook for WordPress

iPages Flipbook is a WordPress plugin that helps to create interactive digital HTML5 flipbooks and enables the user to create media books for the website to create more engaging content. It helps to convert static PDF documents or image sets into an online magazine, interactive catalogues, media brochures or booklets without any coding.

Free Demo Link of Extension

Get here to learn more about the free extension of the demonstration to help them build an amazing WP site for a better understanding of the plugin. The link to the demo is provided below.

Demo Link

We have also provided information about the installation of the plugin in detail below in the article to explain the setup process of the extension for the WordPress user clients.

How To Setup Plugin on WP?

Get to learn more about the details related to the iPages flipbook extension for WP users with detailed explanation. The steps are easy to follow therefore, read the steps carefully below:

Download the file of the plugin from the link provided below.

Then extract the file using the WinRAR app.

The log on as admin on the website’s dashboard.

Now click on the “Plugins” option then click on the “Add Plugin” option.

To add the plugin compresses the extracted file in the ZIP format.

Then click on the “Add Plugin” button.

Select the ZIP file of the iPages WP extension and wait for the file to upload successfully.

After successfully uploading the file click on the “Activate” button.

The extension is now active on the website.


The article describes the “iPages Flipbook Download Free: WP Media Plugin” with detail for the readers and WP users to learn more about the extension and its functions on the website.

The article provides the necessary details such as information about the plugin, free demo and installation of the extension on the WP site for the WordPress users. We expect the article is helpful for the WP site developers.

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