NextGEN Gallery Free Download: Gallery Plugin For WordPress

Here you can get NextGEN Gallery free download. To know more about the NextGEN Gallery free download read below.

NextGEN Gallery Free Download: Get Gallery Plugin

nextgen gallery free download
NextGEN Gallery Free Download

NextGEN Gallery free download is a WordPress gallery plugin created by Imagely in 2007. NextGEN Gallery free download has been popular among WordPress users, making it the most widely-used WordPress gallery plugin to date. NextGEN Gallery free download of the plugin has over 1 million active installs worldwide.

NextGEN Gallery Free Download

Here we provide you with the NextGEN Gallery free download. Get the one of the best plugins NextGEN Gallery free download.

NextGEN Gallery Free Download

NextGEN Gallery free download is developed to provide a photo gallery to your website. This plugin provides you with the capability of providing storage of collections of pictures. One of the strongest assets to a business’s website is a comprehensive photo gallery to display its products and services. On the surface, photo galleries are important in displaying the quality of your business’s product or services and help to create a visually dynamic and appealing website.

NextGEN offers a complete WordPress gallery management system with the ability to batch upload photos, import metadata, add, delete, rearrange or sort photos, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.

nextgen gallery free download
Importance of Gallery On Website:
NextGEN Gallery Free Download

We know the importance of a gallery on the website. Visual marketing is one of the most effective ways of advertising and promoting your business, and adding an image gallery to your web page has the potential to instantly expand your client base. Through ensuring your web content is accompanied by a short stream of images, you can guarantee an increase in website interaction and efficiency.

One of the strongest assets to a business’s website is a comprehensive photo gallery to display products and services. On the surface, photo galleries are useful in displaying the quality of your business’s product or services and help to create a visually dynamic and appealing website.

nextgen gallery free download
Preview of Gallery:
Get NextGEN Gallery Free Download

But deeper than that, they show customers they can trust your company to deliver the kind of quality of products and services your business proclaims. Most people need to see photos to be convinced that a product or service is suitable for their needs and to reinforce the reputation of your business. Having photos to openly display what your business offers, shows customers that you are proud of your product and you’re not afraid to show it to them up front.

Features of NextGEN Gallery Plugin

NextGen Gallery plugin will help create album on the website.

NextGEN Gallery plugin provides you import of metadata.

NextGEN Gallery plugin helps you edit thumbnails.

NextGEN Gallery plugin can add, delete or rearrange photos.

NextGEN Gallery plugin enables you to create a group of photos of your desire.

How To Download And Install NextGEN Gallery Plugin

System Requirement For NextGEN Gallery Plugin

WordPress of Version 4.0 or above is required.

How To Download and Install the NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Download the “nextgen-gallery-free-download” RAR file.

Extract the “nextgen-gallery-free-download” RAR file.

Now, Upload the “nextgen-gallery-free-download” RAR file using FTP software.

Upload the RAR file of the plugin on wp-content/plugin directory.

Now, Log on to your WordPress site.

Go to your Dashboard and click on the “Plugins” option.

Select the “NextGEN Gallery” plugin and click on the activate button.

Enjoy the gallery plugin on your website.


NextGEN Gallery plugin is one of the best plugins which provides a gallery on your website. With the help of the gallery, your visitors can get a clear understanding of business. NextGEN Gallery plugin help you to increase the visitors on your website by providing the best form of the gallery of photos.

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