OptinMonster Free Download Full Version 4.0: Free Pop-up Plugin

Here you can get OptinMonster free download for WordPress. OptinMonster free download is a WordPress plugin for lead generation of websites.

OptinMonster Free Download Lead Generation plugin

OptinMonster free download
OptinMonster Free Download

OptinMonster free download is the best lead-generation pop-up plugin for WordPress. OptinMonster free download helps to create beautiful attention-grabbing opt-in forms that convert visitors to subscribers and customers. OptinMonster free download has created the best looking and best-performing WordPress pop-up and lead generation solution in the market.

Due to huge demand, OptinMonster free download was converted into a stand-alone application. Therefore, OptinMonster free download can be used on all sites including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, and basically all other web platforms.

OptinMonster Free Download

OptinMonster free download is provided to WordPress users to create the lead generation which helps them build more visitors turning them into consumers.

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As everyone visits, online retail stores and we all know when we open any online store websites suddenly a screen appears with an advertisement. This type of ads is known as pop-up ads. Pop-up ads have been used to increase visitors by providing leads to the best deals on the website.

A pop-up advertisement is a kind of marketing strategy that is mainly intended to promote the products or services and increase website traffic volume. Pop-up is generally created by OptinMonster free download with the help of JavaScript and they appear as a secondary browser with the main browser window that the user is browsing.OptinMonster free download creates the content of the ads depending on the kind of message the brand wants to convey to its audience.

OptinMonster free download
Get OptinMonster Free Download

Pop-up ads create brand visibility of products on the website to create a customer base for the products. The pop-up ads usually appear at the centre of the browser to seek the attention of visitors.

Pop-up ads are versatile in nature as the owner can prevent a visitor to leave or browse other pages of websites without seeing the ads. This also comes under marketing strategy to promote certain goods and services.

A lead generation website is considered far away from a static sales brochure; instead of being something a person passively reads, a website is a tool a person uses to find information by clicking on navigational links, filling out inquiry forms, zooming-in on details of product images, etc.

OptinMonster free download
OptinMonster Free Download

More than 60% of B2B marketers name lead generation as one of their biggest challenges. In addition, many times lead generation is also affected by the bad leads which might affect the visitors of the websites.

Features of OptinMonster

OptinMonster free download
Features: OptinMonster Free Download

OptinMonster has powerful A/B testing that helps to eliminate guesswork and make data-driven decisions on what works best for the popups and optin campaigns.

Mobile-specific WordPress popups that are specifically targeted towards mobile visitors.

Timed popup forms help to display opt-ins after a certain time or on the second pageview.

Canvas popup forms – use Canvas to add a “Follow on Facebook” box, WooCommerce products, or anything else that you like.

Custom analytics to tell which campaigns and popups are converting the best.

Drag and drop campaign builder to easily customize any popup or optin campaign, no code needed.

Powerful page level targeting to build a hyper-segmented email list.

How to Install OptinMonster

Steps for OptinMonster free download and installation.

Download the “optinmonster-free-download” RAR file.

Extract the “optinmonster-free-download” RAR files.

Now log in to WordPress site.

Go to the DashBoard and click on Plugin.

Now Select on upload plugin.

Upload the plugin directory as wp-content/upload/optinmonster-free-download.

Now click on the OptinMonster plugin.

Activate the Plugin.


OptinMonster free download has helped in attracting visitors to websites and also reduced the bouncing rates by specifically creating ads that target a different user of the websites.

OptinMonster plugin has created happiness among online retailers who run their own online retail stores. This plugin has helped to create and design pop up ads according to there targeted customers

OptinMonster free download
OptinMonster Free Download

OptinMonster has also helped in creating more and more numbers of subscribers and customers for providing specific ad creations. OptinMonster significantly has grown the database of prospects for email marketing.

The days are gone of displaying the same pop-up to the same visitors all the time. We must be thankful to OptinMonster, now online stores can show targeted pop-ups with personalized marketing messages. In addition, it can also avoid showing pop-ups to people who’ve already subscribed to the email list, purchased a product, or taken some other action.

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