Real Media Library Download Free: Media Plugin

In this article, we have discussed with detailed information about the Real Media Library download free link for WordPress users. The article also provides information related to the features and installation procedure for user clients.

Real Media Library Download Free
Real Media Library Download Free

The Real Media Library download free article also provides the free demo for the WP users to help them understand the function of the Real Media Library easily. Read the article to learn in detail about the plugin.

Real Media Library Download Free

In this section, we have provided the Real Media Library download free link for the WP user clients. The plugin file is in compressed format use an extraction software for WordPress user clients. The plugin is free to download for the WP users.

Download Link

With the free download, use the plugin to store files, images, and documents online on the cloud storage to protect them. Also, visit the installation procedure section provided below to install the plugin correctly.

What is Real Media Library?

Real Media Library Logo
Real Media Library Logo

Real Media Library plugin is a WordPress media and library management plugin that enables the user to manage the images, audio, video and PDF files in the media library of WordPress into folders.

Features of Real Media Library

With the features, it is easy to understand the plugin easily as well as use it on the website without any difficulty. The features help us to learn about the function of this media library plugin. With features will understand what functions can be performed on the website.

The features are listed below as follows in the list of features:

Support WordPress 5.0 and above or PHP 7.0 and above.

It is a translation-ready plugin.

Bulk rearranging capability of folders and files with drag and drop.

Drag and drop enable the user clients to manage files easily.

User can upload files to folders directly.

Can create and delete the folders.

Free Demo of Real Media Library

The free demo is provided for Real Media Library to help the clients understand the plugin’s function more easily without any difficulty. The plugin’s demo will also provide an experience to the user clients to enable to use the plugin.

Demo Link

The free demo link is provided above just visit it to learn in detail about the plugin. The demo is designed to help the new user understand the function as well as the method to use the plugin on the website. By visit the demo, many questions will be resolved immediately for the WordPress users.

Installation Procedure

This deals with the procedure to install and activate the Real Media Library for WordPress site.

Download the plugin file from the link provided above.

Now extract the plugin using WinRAR software.

After extracting the file, log on to the website’s admin’s dashboard.

Then go to the “Plugins” section, and click on the “Upload” option.

Now upload the extracted file and click on the “Activate” button to start the plugin.

Enjoy the plugin on your website.


With the Real Media Library plugin, it is very easy to store files, images, videos and documents and use them while writing an article or post on your WordPress site. The plugin is equipped with many interesting features as well as function which can be performed on the website.

The Plugin is very simple and easy to use for a new user client. We have also provided along with the free download a demo of the Real Media Library plugin to help the WP user clients to learn how the plugin will work on their website.

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